Membrane Deamination/Distillation

Membrane Deamination: Membrane distillation technology is a new type of membrane separation technology, a high-efficiency and energy-saving distillation technology that integrates evaporation and membrane separation processes. In the membrane distillation process, the raw materials are heated to a certain temperature and then enter the membrane distillation module. The Membrane deamination module is filled with a certain number of PTFE hollow fiber porous hydrophobic membranes. The PTFE hollow fiber membrane has a large number of micro-nano pores. At high temperatures, the raw material liquid produces a vapor pressure difference on both sides of the membrane, and a large number of micro-nano pores can allow the vaporized water vapor to pass through the membrane pores and enter the other side of the membrane module, where it is extracted by a vacuum system. After a large amount of water vapor evaporates, the raw material liquid is concentrated.